Interview s Connem Smythem ( EN )

Interview s Connem Smythem

19. května 2007 v 12:59 | Filip ( admin )
When did you get into videogames?
I started with the first Nintendo that came out. It's something that I always enjoyed as a little kid. And it's still something to this day that I enjoy playing. Most of the games I play would be sports, but at the same time I like to play new things.
What are you playing these days?
I haven't had much free time recently.
When you're not starting in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, what do you like to play?
I play any type of sports games…baseball, hockey, Tony Hawk. I have quite a few Xbox 360 games.
What was it like to see yourself in the Xbox 360 NHL 2K6 game?
It was pretty exciting to see that I was in the new NHL game. It was definitely a first for me.
Eric Staal said he comes over to your house to play Xbox 360 a lot.
Did he tell you that I usually beat him all the time too?
He said you were the best gamer on the Hurricanes.
That's a good complement coming from him. He's a great gamer.
What role do videogames play during the season?
It's great for guys to come over and spend some time gaming and enjoying ourselves.
Do you always play as Carolina in NHL 2K6?
Sometimes we play as the Hurricanes because it's fun to joke around. If Eric Staal makes a bad play in the videogame I'll give it to him because he's sitting right beside me. It's kind of fun in that sense. We use any other team. We don't just play as Carolina.
What's a team you'd play as besides Carolina?
I'd probably play as the Oilers. My Canadian teams. Sure, why not?
What's it like from a goalie perspective to get to score goals in the videogame?
It's good. With the videogame you get the best of both worlds. You're a goaltender now but you always think about what it would have been like to score some goals. Now I get the privilege of doing so on Xbox 360.
What do you think of hockey videogames today?
I think it's amazing how realistic hockey videogames have become. When you look at the old Nintendo games you played when you were a young kid and then look at Xbox 360, it's come so far. You can actually play the game and pick out each player by looking at their appearance.
Do you see more NHL players playing videogames today?
Yes, definitely. As an athlete, you can find throughout the season that you get a lot of down time and videogames are a good way to unwind, and it can be a friendly competition amongst teammates at the same time.
Do you think the hand-eye coordination that games require can help in real sports?
I don't know about that. That's something you're just working with your thumbs. I don't know if it's worked out with me. If it has, great. But I don't think so.
Do you ever use videogames to get your mind off of a game during the season?
I do like to play videogames and let a couple of hours fly by. It's a good chance to get your mind off your work and off your real life in sports.
Do you play Xbox Live?
I'm not an Xbox Live guy.
What do you like to play the most?
I like to play Tony Hawk. I stick with that one to get my mind off of things. Hopefully some day I'll get the opportunity to meet him.
He has a new game coming out for 360.
I'll be sure to look for it.
What's this Stanley Cup Playoff run been like for you?
It's been a lot of fun. Obviously you want to be able to contribute to your team as much as you can. Whether that be on the ice or from the sidelines, but any goaltender wants to be on the ice especially at this time of the year. It's been a lot of fun out there.