Interview s Alexanderem Oveckinem ( EN → CZ )

Interview s Alexanderem Oveckinem

19. května 2007 v 12:53 | Filip ( admin )

When did he first pick up a hockey stick?
When I was 7.
What team do you like playing against the most?
This year, I like to play against Ottawa. We beat Ottawa two times. The first time we played them we lost 3-0. Then we beat them twice. So it's nice.
What is your favorite NHL arena to play in, and why?
I love to play in Montreal. I love the crowds and the attention.
What videogame systems do you own?
I have PSP, PS3, Xbox 360.
What do you think of the PS3?
They don't have lots of games, but PS3 is nice and when they have more games it will be cool.
Are the EA Sports NHL 07 games popular in your hometown?
The NHL videogames are very popular in Russia. My friends buy these games and I gave them some of the new EA games.
What do you think about the new NHL 07 game you're on the cover of?
It's unbelievable. It's like the real game. You see the real faces of the players in the game.
What are your thoughts on the virtual Alex Ovechkin in the game?
My in-game player is a good player.
Are you the best videogame player on the Caps?
I really don't ask the other guys if they play videogames. I think some players might play games.
What is your favorite TV show?
I have lots of favorite movies.
If you had to pick one.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
Whats your favourite artist/band?
Eminem and I like Russian music.