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19. května 2007 v 12:56 | Filip ( admin ) |  Interview s Ryanem Keslerem ( EN )
How long have you been playing videogames?
I started playing games when I was really young. I started on Nintendo. I have an older brother who's nine years older than me who got me into videogames when I was like 6.
Were there any games that really stood out for you from the early years?
There was this one hockey game where there was a skinny guy, a medium guy and a fat guy that I used to play.
Yeah, Nintendo Ice Hockey.
That was a good game. And Mike Tyson Punch-Out was pretty good. Donkey Kong, of course.
Have you kept up with games over the years?
My brother and I always had a joint game system, but the time I was 10 he was in college. I started to get my own PlayStation, my own PS2 and Xbox. I just got an Xbox 360.
Were there particular games that stood out during those years?
I really like the sports games: football, basketball, hockey. I like the shooting games like Syphon Filter and Hitman.
What do you play these days with Xbox 360?
I'm still a big Xbox Halo fan. I play a lot of Halo 2 and I'm looking forward to Halo 3. I still play a lot of sports games. I play the Maddens, the NBA Lives, the NHL games. I think the new EA Sports NHL 07 game is one of the best hockey games I've ever played with the stick handling and the puck control. I still like the shooting games. I play Far Cry Instincts Predator and that game is pretty good. I have Call of Duty 2 and I was hooked on that game for a while. I always tend to go back to the sports games.
What's it like to see yourself in the new hockey videogames?
It's pretty weird. Growing up with videogames you always create yourself as a player and you create all of your friends and you make yourself the best guy on the team, obviously. To actually have your face in the game and be able to play as yourself in the game is pretty cool.
Do you always play as Vancouver in NHL 07?
Sometimes. I switch it up. I play Xbox Live a lot. My brother has an Xbox 360 and we usually play each other and get some heated match-ups against each other. I think my main teams are probably Calgary and Buffalo. I know people don't want to hear that, but those are the two teams I'm best at. I play Vancouver most of the time when I'm playing by myself. But when you get into heated rivalries online those are the two teams my brother can't beat. You got to go with your top guns.
Who does he play as when he's going against you online?
He tries anything he can beat me with, which is kind of hard.
Do you log a lot of time playing videogames these days?
Yeah, with the profession I'm in right now there's a lot of down time and I think for me it just gets me away from worrying about games and all of that good stuff. It's just a way for me to relax and calm down.
Does playing the hockey videogames calm you down?
It's all fun. Playing my brother we chirp each other and it's a good way for me to stay in touch with each other.
Because you can use the Xbox Live Communicator.
That's the best thing about it because you can have a private chat and just chat it up with him even if you're not playing the same game. It's good to stay in touch that way.
Do you ever go online and play against regular people?
Sometimes, but not much. I'll try one of the shooting games once in a while but kids are so good nowadays you get pretty frustrated playing them.
It seems like some people have nothing to do but play videogames all day.
That's exactly what it seems like. If I even try to play Far Cry or one of the shooters, I can't stay alive for more than 10 seconds. It gets a little boring sometimes.
Are there other guys on your team who like to play games?
I think Roberto Luongo is into videogames. Other than that, a bunch of the guys are into PSPs for playing on the road. No one really has a console other than Roberto and me. I never really get to play anyone on the team.
It seems like a lot of NHL teams use PSPs to play poker on the plane.
Yeah, exactly. That's what most of the guys play. My roommate Alex Burrows and I both have PSPs. I love my videogames. Just to be able to play videogames on the road is cool.
What do you like to play on PSP?
I think the hockey is just too small to play on the PSP. Alex has the hockey game and it gives me a headache to play for more than 5 minutes. It goes too fast and the screen's too small and it strains your eyes. I like to play poker and Virtua Tennis. I beat Tiger Woods a few weeks ago. I went in and maxed out my guy to 110 percent across every category. My roommate just started playing Tiger Woods and his character is on 10 percent across the board. So when we play, my guy's driving the ball 450 and his guy is driving it 250.
What role do you see the NHL videogames playing in growing the sport, especially here in the U.S.?
I think it's big, especially now after the lockout. The game's all about getting the fans into the game. With the EA Sports Skill Sticks, I think that simulates the game so much and the moves you can pull off are unbelievable. I think it helps a lot in bringing the fans into the game.
Do you ever go over to the EA Studio in Brunaby where they make the NHL games?
No, that's a good idea. I'm going to have to check that out.
Sometimes they bring in guys to do motion capture.
Yeah, Alex Auld did it last year for the NHL 07 game.

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